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Our Approach

We currently work with a growing number of National chains and privately run mother and baby networks,with extended reach into nurseries, playgroups, leisure centres and the NCT located throughout the UK.

Through our partners, let us raise awareness for your brand, whether it be providing you with the opportunity for children and parents to interact with your brand directly: see it, touch it, feel it, play with it, buy it; or via bespoke campaigns, targeted sampling and focused feedback; mums familiarise themselves with it, discuss it, try it, buy it! We engage your brand with a highly captive and targeted audience by putting your brands into mums’ hands so that they can choose to put it on that week’s shopping list.

Targeting mums

We all know that in the majority of households mum is the main shopper, so who better than mum when it comes to getting your brand in a consumer’s hand? We can do this for you with our established partners.

We put products directly into the hands of prospective customers when they are at their most receptive and under peer group influence. Discussions can be held at the end of group sessions, either by franchisee or Blackcurrant Babies, allowing mums to develop friendships and talk about their to-date experiences and gain insight into the next stages of parenthood. Whether that next stage is weaning or potty training- your brand – can play a very important part in that.

Out and About

Blackcurrant Babies’ Elsie and Max Berry will be at lots of events and family festivals over the next few months . They are always delighted to say Hello and to share any goodies they have.

If you want to check where they will be next – follow us on Facebook.

If you have a product that you would like to sample at these events then do get in touch. Speak to Jess or Rob on 0203 362 4242 or e-mail

You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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We visit many of the classes and can place your brands into mums’ hands and /or children’s hands, as they dance to our tunes. Have a listen and let us know if you would like one too.

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