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Terms And Conditions – Registration

By submitting this form you are agreeing to: Blackcurrant Babies contacting you about being part of the Blackcurrant Babies Distribution Network.

Blackcurrant Babies will only use the information provided for the purpose stated and will not share this information with any third party except our delivery agents once you have agreed to the delivery of goods to your chosen address.

Blackcurrant Babies implement technical and organisational measures to ensure your information is secure and only hold the data that is necessary to complete our service.
If there is a security breach at any time we will notify you within 72 hours that there has been such a breach.

If at any time you want to leave the Network you can do so by e-mailing when your data will be removed permanently from our database.

Please note that Blackcurrant Babies is not responsible or liable for any of the products forwarded for sampling.  All products supplied for sampling are compliant with relevant safety regulations and all come with the manufacturers labeling and instructions on how to use.

If we are made aware of any safety risks or incidents related to the products we will report these to the manufacturer, supplier or local Trading Standards service.

If a manufacturer discovers that a product it has supplied for sampling represents a safety risk we will work with the manufacturer to ensure that you are alerted to the issue and provided with instructions telling you what you should do.

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