Hi, we’re Blackcurrant Babies

Here to help you get your brands into mums’ hands. Blackcurrant Babies is a sampling and distribution media agency. We Work with a number of partners to provide you with a network of mums open to sampling and providing feedback. We can provide; brand-to-hand product sampling, parental product engagement, sponsorship opportunities, and a whole range of  bespoke targeted marketing solutions.

    • We can target over 150,000 mums throughout the UK. Our audiences are affluent, brand conscious, high spending and
    • Our aim is to target mums in a trusted environment and product samples distributed via these types of classes is trialled and often discussed at subsequent sessions and within other social networks. By using puppets in class we can get mums and children to interact and engage with your brand, in a relaxed
    • We currently work with a growing number of national chains and privately run “mother and baby” networks, we extend our reach into nurseries, playgroups, leisure centres, and the NCT throughout the UK.
    • Our partners offer mums with children aged from birth to 7 years old a support that offer all sorts of enchanting, engaging, educational and fitness classes.

Our expertise lies in managing targeted campaigns, sampling to new audiences and most importantly providing opportunities for securing new customers for you.

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Day 4 and the final day of our giveaways!

We are pleased to announce that we have these twin puppets to give away – but at the moment they don’t have names! Can you suggest what we should call this handsome pair?

To enter the giveaway, enter the names that you would like for the twin puppets. We will announce the winner of the puppets on Tuesday 30th May. Good luck and have a great weekend from everyone at Blackcurrant Babies!
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Time to announce the winner for Day 3 of our Giveaways.
The winner chosen at random is... Pam Smith! Congratulations.

Please message us direct with your:
- Name
- Address
- Contact Number
- Email address

And we will send the puppet to you shortly. Thanks to everyone that answered. Day 4 and final giveaway coming up shortly!
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Day 3 of our giveaways leading up to half term! And today we have Phillip the puppet to give away! To be in with a chance of winning Phillip, please answer the following question:

As part of the 2017 What's On 4 Kids Awards, Blackcurrant Babies is sponsoring the ‘Best Franchised/Licensed Pre-Schooler Activity' – when is the closing date for voting in this year’s awards? You may find a clue on the following link:


We will announce the winner tomorrow. Good luck!
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How we have helped Kiddylicious

Kiddylicious were looking to increase awareness of Kiddylicious product ranges to mothers with children aged between 6 months and 3 years.

Find out how we helped them.


Watch us in action and hear our song

Blackcurrant Babies – Hartbeeps Baby Rave

Hartbeeps  Baby Raves are brilliant fun for parents and their little ones – Kiddylicious sponsored this baby rave fundraising for Great Ormond Street.  Everyone had a fantastic day. In 2017 there will be a huge Summer Baby Rave and our Christmas Wonderland Baby Rave  – follow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Blackcurrantbabies/ to find out more.