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Distributing to the people who matter to your brand, babies, toddlers and kids.

Blackcurrant Babies have an experienced logistics and distribution team who are able to ensure that we can firstly advise and then manage your product sample distribution throughout the UK.

Our warehouse, which is within easy reach of the M25, can take delivery in bulk and we can re-package items in the correct quantities, perhaps adding additional items such as vouchers or product information. See more about our fulfillment and warehousing

Every item will be distributed to a member of our partner network, someone who has requested the product and is happy to distribute to parents and carers via their baby or toddler children’s activity groups.

For more information about Blackcurrant Babies Distribution network can support  your baby or child sampling campaign call us today on 07786 231363

Blackcurrant Babies – samples for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Find out about how Blackcurrant Babies can help you sample your baby and toddler products to audiences throughout the UK

Register your baby or toddler group or nursery and become part of our UK distribution network.

Introducing some of Blackcurrant Babies amazing distribution network running successful groups or nurseries around the UK 

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