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Supporting your sampling campaign

Sampling your products to the right audiences is a proven and effective way of increasing awareness, boosting engagement and driving sales. With your product fresh in our audiences’ minds they are more likely to talk about it and then purchase your product.

Sampling to ‘groups’ of parents, as Blackcurrant Babies does, means that the conversation tends to go on for longer. Parents take the product home and use it, then at the next session they may talk about how they  got on with or felt about your product. It can work as an ice breaker for people new to the sessions and gives parents a point of commonality that creates a conversation

A recent survey by EMI EventTrack found that consumers love to ‘try before they buy’ and sampling  is a simple way for consumers to test your wares. There is also evidence to suggest that ‘try-before-you-buy’ is an e-commerce trend that is being adopted by some of the larger retailers. Consumers are becoming increasingly used to being able to make decisions based on trial rather than on reviews and recommendations. Giving sample size products away in positive environments allows consumers to then purchase your products in brick and mortar stores or online, which gives your brand a strong advantage.

We can support your sampling campaign by:

  • Working with you to develop targeted sampling campaign, by age of child, geographical location and interests
  • Working with the networks to encourage social media posts about your product and ideally creating follow up posts showing parents and their little ones engaging with the product
  • Running engaging and relevant competitions
  • Developing targeted paid for social media campaigns to promote your brand over and above the sampling
  • Taking delivery of your products and re-packing in appropriate packages for each of our networks and partners
  • Providing opportunities to add additional items such as vouchers or coupons to the sampling
  • Providing all networks with product based information for them to use as they distribute the samples (this can be available as a download and as a page on our website)
  • Facilitating research focus groups to trial and then provide feedback on the product
  • Creating on-going focus groups for longer term trials
  • Online post-sampling incentivised questionnaire to get additional insights from parents trialing your brand for the first time.

Please contact or call + 44 (0) 7786231363 .

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