About Blackcurrant Babies

Jess Jacklin - Managing Director - ▼ Read more

Blackcurrant Babies is her baby! After having two (human) babies of her own and attending as many groups as she could to help her children develop and meet other mums, she saw what a great opportunity there was for brands to reach mums in these captive environments offering parents unbiased guidance. Contrary to popular belief, mums do want to talk about more than the lack of hours sleep they had the night before and how many times they were up attending to baby. We help them do this by putting your brand in their hands, giving them another topic of conversation relevant to their situation and needs, and you some invaluable feedback. Jess brings expertise in sales and marketing and set up her first business, Blackcurrant Media in 2008, with extensive contacts in the publishing and travel industries. Jess is our very own mumpreneur.

April Lane - Account Manager - ▼ Read more

Robert McNamara - Client Services Manager - ▼ Read more

After being the main carer for his 3 year old son, Robert is in tune with “all that is baby” and offers a father’s perspective in the world of parenthood.  He has attended many toddler sessions with his son and has found the experience to be invaluable.  He is here to make your campaign happen.  Working hard behind the scenes Robert is the “daddy” that ensures distribution deadlines are met and feedback collated.  He is chairman of a Under 5’s Pre-school Charity  & sits on advisory board for a Children Centre.

Lynda Adams - Account Manager - ▼ Read more

Mum of a teenager, Lynda has first-hand experience of both the early and later years of parenthood.  She has vast expertise in sales, working with clients to achieve their objectives and has developed relationships with a variety of organisations who trust her judgement and advice when it comes to new opportunities, plenty of which she can offer here.

Elsie - Puppet - ▼ Read more

Hi I’m Elsie and I’m Mummy’s first born and elder sister of Max. As I’m much bigger than Max I get to go to Happy House and give out samples there. As I’m not a baby anymore (but I like to see them) I also hand things out at Babybeeps and Babybells – they usually go straight to the mummies as the children there are really young and little. Everyone is always very friendly and thinks I’m giving them small presents which makes me feel happy. I like it when we give presents out at events too.

Max - Puppet - ▼ Read more

Hello, I’m Max and I’m Mummy’s second baby. As I’m only a baby I go along to the Babybells classes. When I’m there I like to share samples with my friends – they like the samples but not as much as their mummies – they talk about them a LOT! I can give out samples for you too.