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Max – Puppet

Hello, I’m Max and I’m Mummy’s second baby. As I’m only a baby I go along to the Babybells classes. When I’m there I like to share samples with my friends – they like the samples but not as much as their mummies – they talk about them a LOT! I can give out samples for you too.

Elsie – Puppet

Hi I’m Elsie and I’m Mummy’s first born and elder sister of Max. As I’m much bigger than Max I get to go to Happy House and give out samples there. As I’m not a baby anymore (but I like to see them) I also hand things out at Babybeeps and Babybells – they usually go straight to the mummies as the children there are really young and little. Everyone is always very friendly and thinks I’m giving them small presents which makes me feel happy. I like it when we give presents out at events too.

The Blackcurrant Babies team have over 28 years of experience in ‘getting brands into mum’s hands’.

Our real expertise is in finding you the audiences you want to trial or sample your product and then managing the trial process.

As well as getting your brands into Mum’s hands we can also:

  • Promote the sampling through social media to the relevant networks
  • Create awareness of your brand through the networks.
  • Ask for (and encourage) follow up feedback to provide you with invaluable customer insights.
  • Connect your brand to other well-known and respected partners.

Our team includes

Jess Jacklin, Managing Director and founder of Blackcurrant Babies

Jess has two children and spent several years at what seemed like every baby and toddler group in her area. She loved the groups as they were a great opportunity to meet other mums many of whom have become lifelong friends. She realised fairly early on that the Mum’s would talk about products they had tried or places they had been with their children. She realised that these ‘networks’ of mums (and dads) could become a perfect environment to sample products aimed at babies and young children.

The idea of Blackcurrant Babies was formed and with her usual enthusiasm and ‘If you want something done give it to a busy Mum’ mantra Jess has set up a company that works around her children and delivers an excellent service to her clients and her networks. To find out more about Blackcurrant Babies and how they can help Get your Brand In Mum’s Hands email

Robert McNamara

Robert has worked closely with Jess for over 5 years and it is his job to ensure that Your Brands get into Mum’s hands  He has excellent relationships with all the networks and ensures that distribution deadlines are met and  feedback collated . He will be the central point of contact between you and the networks and perfectly placed to advise around quantities, pack sizes and to set up trial sampling to help inform a nationwide sampling programme.

Robert is the main carer to his six year old son and brings his father’s perspective to the world of parenthood. Like Jess, Robert has spent time at toddler sessions and lessons around his local area and really understands how important it is to make the sampling as pain free as possible for the group leaders.

He is Chairman of a Under 5’s Pre-school Charity & is an Advisory Board Member for Barnardo’s. You can e-mail him on

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